Finding hidden value in the garden.

Gardening is cool. There’s a statement you might not agree with, but indulge me for a moment…. What could be better, enjoying fresh air, getting a dose of your daily exercise, and looking after the environment closest to you and your nearest and dearest (something that’s widely acknowledged we should all be doing) Contemporary, cottage, coastal or courtyard, there’s a garden for all of us. 

Believe it or not most of us spend an average of 86 minutes a week gardening, sounds like a long time, but this ranges from cutting the grass, tending to an unsuccessful veg patch or just jet-washing patios and keeping things tidy. The great thing about gardens is that they are always going to be there, you can dabble, experiment and be creative and if life gets in the way it doesn’t matter. 

If you’re daunted by the thought of the creating your dream garden, and are frustrated by a mess or lack of useable outdoor space at your property then looking into professional help might be the sensible option. Costs can spiral and there’s a whole world of materials and plants to get excited about.

Garden designers don’t just create show gardens at the Chelsea Flower show, they create family spaces that work with client’s individual needs and desires. A successful garden design should work with the property’s location, light levels and topography. It should incorporate a delicate blend of hard landscaping elements and planting to extend the useable space beyond the 4 walls of the house and into the outside – linking the two wherever possible. 

These day’s it’s widely acknowledged that we are often time poor busy with other things like work Instagram and Netflix, so creating a ‘maintenance free’ space is a common request from clients. With creative planning the right materials and considered planting you can create a relatively simple space on a budget or develop your ideas into something more immersive and sensory if you’ve more to spend on materials and layout and concept design. 

Exploring the space is key, and if possible, you should create the need to move through the garden to explore it. If the sun sets at the bottom of the garden, then put your seating area there and create a journey to get to it, rather than just having a patio by the back door.

Research suggests that having a useable and attractive garden can add up to 20% to the value of your property. Think about what you would want if you were buying a house, lockable garden storage, a freshly cut lawn and a tidy space to relax at the end of a day at work. Don’t pump money into somewhere you’re hoping to move out of. Instead plant up pots on your patio that you can take with you, and set out a table and chairs in the space so your buyers can picture themselves enjoying your garden. 

Enjoyment is key, get stuck in you’ll love it, but if you can’t or it’s not for you then we can help. Approaching each project as a collaboration with you, we listen to your ideas and fill in the missing pieces to create the link between your home and garden. 

If you have a potential project you’d like to discuss, then please don’t hesitate to contact us to arrange a site consultation which can be conducted initially over the phone. 

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